Jun 11, 2016
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India’s Intent to Ratify Paris Climate Agreement strengthens prospects of VAMOX Greenhouse gas reduction technology: Cemtrex

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Saagar Govil Chairman and CEO, Cemtrex. Photo: Submitted.

Saagar Govil
Chairman and CEO, Cemtrex.
Photo: Submitted.

FARMINGDALE, N.Y.:  Cemtrex Inc. a world leading industrial and manufacturing solutions company, announced today that India’s willingness to ratify the Paris Climate Accord, as indicated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to U.S. President Obama during his recent visit to the White House, further strengthens the Company’s prospects of opening up worldwide markets for its VAMOX Greenhouse gas reduction technology. In April of this year the Chinese government strengthened its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions during the Chinese premier’s visit to the White House. The Company believes that these concrete efforts by India and China are potential catalysts for increased global demand for its existing methane (greenhouse gas) reduction technology, VAMOX. Cemtrex is one of only two companies in the world with the technology to supply this market.

So far, at least three dozen countries have said they will ratify the deal, and India’s participation will push the world over the threshold to ratification. “I think we are better-positioned than we ever have been to reach the goal of 55% of emissions and 55 countries by the end of this year, and I think this statement should provide significant additional momentum toward this global push,” said Brian Deese, Obama’s senior energy and climate adviser.

Cemtrex Chairman and CEO, Saagar Govil , commented, “We are delighted to see the world’s largest players working together towards improved climate control regulation and excited that VAMOX can play an important role in sustainability.”

Cemtrex is one of only two companies in the world with critical greenhouse gas reduction technology.



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